White Canvas Tea Bundle
White Canvas Tea Bundle
White Canvas Tea Bundle

White Canvas Tea Bundle

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Each Tea blend in the Essential Elements Collection was particularly made to be used in our medicine bundles. The "essence" of each tea is for the essence of each bundle.

To bring in LOVE

To FLOW with life

To gather TRUST

To surrender into PEACE (Peaceful)

To CLEANSE the body-mind-spirit- space


Please choose a tea from the Essential Elements Collection:

LOVE (essence)- Heart (organ)- Fire (element)
TRUST (essence)- Stomach (organ) - Earth (element)
FLOW (essence)- Lungs (organ)- Air (element)
CLEANSE (essence)- Liver (organ)- Wood (element)
PEACEFUL (essence)- Bladder (organ) - Water (element)

Essential Elements Tea Blend notes:

Love (essence) - Heart (organ) - Fire (element) Tea Blend

Qualities of the Fire element: Intelligence & Spirit

This tea blend is good for your overall heart health but is particularly helpful for high blood pressure. It is also designed for connecting one to the fire element and igniting passion within the heart. Herbal ingredients: holy basil, cinnamon, clove, rose and vanilla. Its flavour notes are warm, comforting, and little spicy.

Trust (essence) - Stomach (organ) - Earth (element) Tea Blend

Qualities of the Earth element: Nourishment & Energy

This tea blend is soothing to the stomach and grounding to the earth. It is especially helpful in aiding digestion and in essence it creates a sense of comfort and relaxation. Herbal ingredients: peppermint, lemon verbena, cinnamon, ginger, orange, clove, and Licorice root. It’s flavour notes are sweet & cool, comforting, full and rich.

Cleanse (essence) - Liver (organ) - Wood (element) Tea Blend

Qualities of the Wood element: Drive & Creativity

This tea blend is excellent for overall good health but is especially great for detoxing and cleansing the liver, blood and the bodymind. It is particularly helpful for fighting bacteria or infection, as well as healing the body of cods, flu, or other chronic fatigue issues. Herbal ingredients: calendula, echinacea, reishi mushroom, ginger, orange, lemon, goji berries, and anise. It’s flavour notes are cool, refreshing, mild, with a touch of warmth.

Flow (essence)- Lungs ( organ) - Metal (element)

Qualities of the Metal: Esteem & Openness

This tea blend helps open up the lungs creating a bigger fuller breath. It is also helpful for asthma, bronchitis, lung health, and dry coughs and chest colds. In essence it creates cooling openness in the body & mind. It’s lightness and smoothness opens us up particularly in the lungs and throat to the essence of flow. Herbal ingredients: holy basil, nettles, peppermint, echinacea, thyme, hibiscus and eucalyptus leaf. It’s flavour notes are cool, refreshing, soothing, a little bit tart, and smooth. 

Peaceful (essence) - Bladder (organ) - Water (element) Tea Blend

Qualities of the Water element: Tranquility & Stillness

This tea blend is made to calm the body, and soothe a busy mind. It is also helpful  in cleansing the bladder of bacteria. Juniper and heather are a natural diuretic which will flush out bacteria living in the bladder. Other herbs in this blend will help calm the nervous system and bring the body & mind back to peace. Herbal ingredients: passionflower, chamomile, juniper berries or Heather (season pending), rose and licorice root. It’s flavour notes are hints of apple, light, cool, neutral & subtle, with a touch of floral sweetness.


 All teas are to be steeped 2-5 minutes. 1 teaspoon per cup should do it, but add more to your liking. Taste along the way to find your prefect infusion.

*** These Teas are not to be used as medicine. If you are taking prescription drugs or are pregnant please consult with a Doctor before use. Do not drink these teas in excessive doses. 1-3 cups per day unless instructed otherwise. ***