Our Story

 Moving to the Sunshine Coast Chloe embarked upon a journey into the healing arts of plant medicine. After living on a farm for a year learning about growing food and working with plants Chloe took a Herbal Medicine Making Course with the Chestnut School of Herbs. Through exploring the wisdom of plants her heart was pulled to assist others on their healing path leading her further into learning the ancient art of Ayurvedic Indian Head massage.

Chloe not only makes beautiful plant based products but she has now begun to infuse her work with plants with Indian Head Massage. Chloe uses herbal infused oils made from home grown plants and flowers along with her own essential oil blends to provide the ultimate nourishing and mind melting experience.

Ayurvedic Indian Head massage is an ancient Indian practice of massaging warmed herbal infused oils into the head, scalp, hair and skin. Chloe has fused her passion for nature with her passion for people creating a treatment that soothes the a whole body, mind, and spirit. 




 A 2018 interview with Chloe,

What is Your Name:
Chloe Mckinnon

What is Your business / project that you are working on?

C: Om Rituals is the name of my business. I make herbal therapy products and design meditation rituals. Most of my products are plant based products for rituals. But they can be used in everyday use as well.  The ritual bundles are designed to connect one to spirit through the practice of ritual with the assistance of plants.

After a surprise twist in my life path I found my self immersed in the wonderful world of plants. Leaving my city life behind I ended up living on a farm in Sechelt BC. Nature suddenly became my greatest teacher. The wisdom of plants fascinated me which led me down the path of Herbal Medicine Making. This was when I began making herbal tea as medicine and using it as a conduit in ceremony.

I intuitively began to blend herbs into my meditation practices. I found the plants would assist me in my presence, through preparation as well as attuning my attention into the body. In my meditations I asked spirit to guide me in this next phase of my life, I would ask what would you have me do, where would you have me go. Eventually I heard an inner voice say, "share this". I wasn’t sure what “this” was for a while, and then eventually one day in meditation I opened my eyes and looked down at my beautiful ritual and I realized that “this” was my practice. Soon after the knowledge, people and courses aligned in my life to help me create the herbal blends and medicine bundles that would be used in ritual. Each ritual is designed to connect one to Spirit, Love, God. Hence the name Om Rituals.

What are you really excited about right now?

C: Right now I am sharing more in person Rituals as well as teaching workshops with plants and herbs, such as making herbal smudge sticks and teaching people how to make their own tea blends. 

But the thing that I am most excited about right now is working one on one with people and assisting them to create their own medicine bundles. The bundles are designed to help them with a particular focus in their ritual. For example I recently assisted a client to create a bundle for grief. The plants and parts of the ritual bundle were carefully chosen by her own inner guidance with my assistance. In this way she is empowered by her own creation and is assisted by plants as spiritual medicine.

What inspired you to become ______ (how you serve humanity right now)? In two words.

C: Nature & Devotion.

I went to Indonesia the year before I created Om Rituals. In the weeks leading up to my trip I spontaneously began a very specific ritual with particular elements to it that I had never done before. I was in a pure joy in this devotion. I never questioned it. I just enjoyed its unfoldment. When I got to Indonesia I stayed at an Ashram. I had no knowledge about Indonesian or Balinese culture before arriving. Yet when I stayed in the Ashram and practiced their traditions I saw that the ritual that I began to practice before I left was almost identical to the Balinese Hindu traditions. I felt a sweet laughter inside as I realized that this knowledge lives inside us all and is waiting to be tapped into. This beautiful unwavering display of devotion in the Balinese culture inspired me to bring more joy to the western culture through ritual, plants, nature, and devotion. 

What's one daily ritual you are practising right now?

C: I make my entire life a meditation, I have tea with God and play my wooden flute. 

What is your dharma? Choose 2 words for you right now, how you serve the world and how that lights up your heart!

C: My two words:

 Igniting Devotion

To share a moment in pure surrender to that which beats our heart is my deepest wish for humanity through Om Rituals.

Om Rituals has been created to awaken one to the beauty of ritual. Tea Ritual or Tea ceremony is a way to connect to Spirit and to connect Nature. It is a way to practice presence and stillness. Plants have a power to take us inward. We live in a tough world. There is a lot of suffering. Creating a beautiful ritual is a way to lighten the difficulty of practice, and it is the beginning of creating a life seeded in the beauty of ritual. A life where devotion doesn’t end after the ritual is complete, it spills over the whole life. Eventually every meal, painting and act is steeped in a devotion to the underlining life force in all things.

Seeing people connect to their true nature through plants and ritual makes my heart swell with deep gratitude and joy.