Our Story

 Moving to the Sunshine Coast Chloe embarked upon a journey into the healing arts of plant medicine. After living on a farm for a year learning about growing food and working with plants Chloe took a Herbal Medicine Making Course with the Chestnut School of Herbs. Through exploring the wisdom of plants her heart was pulled to assist others on their healing path leading her further into learning the ancient art of Ayurvedic Indian Head massage.

Chloe not only makes beautiful plant based products but she has now begun to infuse her work with plants with Indian Head Massage. Chloe uses herbal infused oils made from home grown plants and flowers along with her own essential oil blends to provide the ultimate nourishing and mind melting experience.

Ayurvedic Indian Head massage is an ancient Indian practice of massaging warmed herbal infused oils into the head, scalp, hair and skin. Chloe has fused her passion for nature with her passion for people creating a treatment that soothes the a whole body, mind, and spirit. 







How did you get your idea or concept for the business?


C- Well it wasn’t really an idea. It all came together little by little, piece by piece. I never really had an actual vision of what was unfolding until I saw all the elements slowly, spontaneously appear in front of me. For example, I became interested in herbs and flowers as medicine after living on a farm and working closely with plants. Farming led me to a herbal medicine making course which then led me to making herbal infusions. Later I naturally began to bring teas and herbs into my meditations, using them as a part of a ritual practice. The element of tea made me slow down and be more present, my awareness sharpened with every movement. The herbal medicine making course sparked my imagination and eventually lead me into another world of plants- essential oils. I took a class on mixing essential oils for emotions and the dots continued to align. I started to see a connection between meditation and plants as helpers. I wandered into the realm of Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine and found a lot of inspiration there. Shortly after this I was sitting quietly meditating when I saw the whole picture. The message was... Share This. I looked down in front of me at my little ritual, the plants & flowers, the tea, the incense and essential oils, and I realized this little thing I have going on would be a lovely thing to share with others. It isn’t always easy to just sit and be with your self in meditation and for many people it’s not appealing at all. But this ritual had another element to it, the beauty, the simplicity, the attention, the quiet, the senses engaged, it is all a gateway. The medicine bundles I’ve created are not the answer, they’re a gateway. They are the inspiration to go further toward that soft and empty place inside ourselves. That was the message. Share This. So I began to create and align the herbal tea and oil blends for this purpose.


What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture?


C-  multitude of things & experiences related to plants, flowers, herbs, plants as medicine and meditation. I make medicine bundles for tea ceremonies. I also hand blend teas and herbs & make the the essential oil blends for the bundles. I dabble in other herbal creations such as smudge sticks, herbal infusions, tinctures, soaps and body oils. The herbal medicine bundles are designed for tea ceremony & meditation. Sometimes I work with people who would like a customized tea blend. I grow many herbs and flowers from my own garden to establish a deeper relationship to the nature of the plants. I offer tea ceremonies in groups or private settings and sometimes co- facilitate sound journeys. Music and tea ceremony go very well together. I am also working to create workshops and retreats for people to come and make their own medicine bundles and learn about the power of plants.


What is unique about your business?


C-I work with the Alchemy of plants. Each of the blends in the Essential Elements Tea Collection as well as the essential oil blends, are created to assist one in their practice of meditation, as well as educate people about the plants that they are consuming. The Essential Elements Tea collection is collection of 5 herbal tea blends designed to benefit a particular organ in the body. The organs are also paired with an element. In Chinese medicine each organ is connected to an element, Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Metal/ Air. Each of these teas also carries an essence in relationship to the organ and element. The essence is similar to an intention. The 5 Essences are trust, love, peaceful, flow, and cleanse. The medicine bundles are designed around these Essences but I also create custom medicine bundles too. These aren’t just teas, they are alchemical teas that actually help the body as well as re connect one to their senses and hopefully when used in meditation connect one to spirit.



To what do you attribute your success?


C- I don’t believe is success. In life there are ebbs and flows. Nothing is ever complete. Everything is changing constantly. Everything is growing and dying. Success suggests there is a goal attained. But in life there is no true end. Everything is shifting and merging into the next thing. Nature taught me that. What moves me is forward is utter faith in that which beats my heart. No matter what comes and goes in my life, be it a career, the people, the things, the accomplishments, that’s what keeps me moving, an unwavering trust that life/ god/ consciousness has a way better plan for me than anything I can muster up with my own little mind. I have faith in that plan, I listen for that plan, always. But also, I work very hard and truly put my heart and soul into everything that gets created.


If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?


C- Ask. Ask to be shown every day where to go next. Life will show you the way, keep your eyes and heart open and you will see. Have Faith, and then listen.


Thanks for taking the time to read more about my journey.

~ Chloe