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Beyond thankful to be a welcomed new business and to be a part of such a warm community of people here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast! Thank you ZOOM MAGAZINE, KELSEY O' TOOLE, & PAULINE HOLDEN for making this beautiful article come to life. 

Ayurvedic indian head massage

Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage IHM

I am delighted to now be offering Indian Head Massage in my local community here on the Sunshine Coast BC.

- Chloe

Indian Head Massage is an Ayurvedic practice of massaging warm herbal infused oils to the scalp, head, hair and neck while giving special attention to specific marma (energetic) points on the head. This is a very relaxing and deeply nourishing treatment. It is particularly beneficial for those who experience, migraines, headaches, TMJ, chronic neck and shoulder pains, and over thinkers. If you work from a computer or desk, or if you work at a job where you over extended your arms for example, a hairstylist, this treatment can do wonders for releasing tension. If your someone just looking for a healing and invigorating self care treatment then you have met your match.

This treatment will leave you feeling lighter in not only your head but also in your heart. 

For inquiries of services Please go to our Bookings page. 

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"I attended an OM Rituals' smudge stick making workshop in September 2018, and it inspired me with more than just a delightful smudge stick to take home.

Chloe has such a calm, grounded presence.  This is evident not only in her demeanour, but also in the care she takes with preparation of the workshop, including the
lovely plants and flowers she had laid out for us.  The strong sense of sincerity and passionate plant knowledge that Chloe exudes, prompted me to purchase a couple
of her delicious tea blends. Knowing that they were put together with love and care reassures me with a good feeling of nourishment.  
I look forward to trying some of her other blends!"


Daphne WooFounder of Amacata Design Concepts Natural Dye Artist & Slow-Fashion Advocate

I just wanted to let you know the box of gifts for my retreat arrived today and everything is GORGEOUS! I am in awe. The smudge sticks and the packaging is all just perfect. Thank you so much! And much gratitude for the extra couple teas - I needed the Trust tea today on something that happened to me, and it was delicious and amazing, so I am feeling extra grateful for connecting with you. With much Love.


Cori Howard @ Cori Howard Writing Retreats.

I first met Chloe at The Kube while attending her smudge stick workshop. Her tables were full of greens, flowers and herbs foraged and gathered by Chloe! Tea was prepared as she welcomed each individual guest. Chloe began to share her techniques and the healing effects of smudging, she encouraged us to use our noses! The space was full of peaceful smiles while we each bundled our creations. This workshop was informative, well organized and fun, and I am indeed thrilled to support this local Apothecary! 


Ashley Kitchen BFA, CID Founder + Principal Interior Designer ABK Interior Design

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